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What is ESD?

ESD is the abbreviation of "Electronic Software Delivery". In contrast to the software dispatch by mail, the ESD software downloads your program directly from a server to the computer and can use it immediately. The most important advantages for you:

  • Buying software directly from the online store, downloading, installing and getting started
  • Convenient and convenient purchase of software via the Internet with fast digital delivery (E lectronic S oftware D elivery = ESD)
  • Software purchase independent of store opening hours and delivery time including postal delivery.
  • Software is immediately ready for use
  • New software versions are often available as instant software earlier than the box version.
  • No shipping costs
  • Software can be reinstalled at any time
  • Easy creation of a backup copy


How does ESD work?

  • After your order you will immediately receive an e-mail with general information, the license key and a link to our download server.
  • If you click on this link, a dialog will be opened that offers you to save or open the file. It is best to first save the software on your PC and then call up the setup program from there.
  • Install the program and enter your license key when prompted.


What is CAL?

With a Client Access License (CAL), you license the accesses of devices or users whose license model provides that the accesses to the server software are to be licensed separately. Examples are Exchange Server 2016, SharePoint Server 2016, and Windows Server 2012.

CALs are assigned either to a user or to a device.

  • User CAL / User CAL: A user CAL authorizes a specific user to use any number of devices. He may therefore access the server software via company PC, private PC, mobile phone etc..

You should choose this license type if a user with more than one device accesses the corresponding server and, for example, uses his smartphone in addition to his PC to retrieve e-mails, or uses a tablet as a second device. The same applies if employees are given the opportunity to use private devices and log on to the network with them.

  • Device CAL / Device CAL: A device CAL licenses a device for use by any number of users who may access instances of the server software with this device.

This license type is optimal if several users work with one device, e.g. PCs at a hotel reception, PCs using team members alternately, PCs from a PC pool, etc.


What are the differences between 1 PC and 2PC?

  • 1PC: This is a license key which is intended for one device only and can be activated for one device only. *
  • 2PC: This means if you have e.g. a PC and possibly a second or a laptop the 2 PC version is the better choice for you. This allows you to activate your license key on both devices. *

*This also applies if you have two or more operating systems on one device. Dan each operating system is to be considered as two or more separate devices.

1 PC = 1 operating system / device

2 PC = 2 operating systems / devices

What happens after my order?

After a successful order, you will usually receive the key and the download link by e-mail immediately.
You can download the software directly from our download center.
You will receive an invoice with VAT immediately after receipt of payment by e-mail.
Since we only sell keys for download products, you will not receive any data carrier.
We offer a permanent promise to activate our products. If you have any problems, please contact our support, who will answer within a few minutes from Monday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., but in any case on the same day.

I am dissatisfied with the product. What am I gonna do now?

We strive to provide our customers with the best possible service and support. Negative or unfriendly messages do not solve any problems. You can contact us by e-mail or telephone in case of any dissatisfaction, we are obliging and accommodating.

Your satisfaction is important to us!

Why such low prices?

In short: competition stimulates business. Since every day new competitors stimulate the market, we have to adjust prices accordingly in order to remain competitive.
The products come from verified trading partners with whom we have been cooperating for many years. These are 100% original products.

Do I get a perpetual license or do I have to pay annual usage fees?

You will receive a perpetual license and therefore it is a one-time cost. You don't have to buy a subscription and don't have to pay annual fees, but you can use the software as long as the license key is in your possession!

Is the product linked to a language version?

No, this is not the case. You can either download, install and activate the desired language version directly or install the language of your choice.

Am I bound to the 32 bit or the 64 bit variant?

No, this is not the case either. The license is valid for both variants. Which you choose is up to you.

Do you also carry more Microsoft products than the ones available in the shop?

Yes, if you are interested in other Microsoft products that are not listed in the shop, you can also contact us. Nearly all Microsoft products are available.

Problems installing, using or activating the software?

Most of the time they are only small things which cause problems. Do not hesitate to contact us, our technical support will be at your disposal until the purchased product is fully functional.

If necessary, the product will be installed/configured for you via remote maintenance.


Common problems:

Does the download stop?

Try an alternative browser first. If this does not help, please deactivate your virus protection or firewall for the duration of the download. All installers/images come directly from Microsoft and do not contain any viruses, malware, etc., we guarantee that!

Office applications or complete package completely downloaded, but installation problems?

No other or older Office applications may be installed on your system.
Example: You cannot actively use Office 2010 Prof Plus and Office 2013 Prof Plus on your system at the same time.

Programs like Visio/Project compatible with Office packages?

Example 1: Visio 2013 Prof Plus with Office 2016 Prof Plus -> not compatible so both programs cannot be used at the same time.

Example 2: Visio 2013 Prof Plus with Office 2013 Prof Plus -> compatible, both programs can be installed & used without problems on one system.

Online activation failed?
Please check your Internet connection or initiate activation by telephone.

Internet line too weak to download the software?

For an extra charge we will gladly send you a data carrier with the necessary software by post. Otherwise, you can download the software from a friend and copy it to a data carrier and then install it on your computer.