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Codijy Colorizer Pro

Codijy Colorizer Pro

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Codijy Colorizer Pro Colorize your black and white photos. Bring the family history to... more

Product information "Codijy Colorizer Pro"

Codijy Colorizer Pro

  • Colorize your black and white photos.
  • Bring the family history to life with colored photos.
  • Create classic images for posters, websites and other decorative purposes.
  • Experiment with different colour schemes for your car, house or interior design.

Only in the Pro version :

  • Reliable automatic coloration
  • Instant Preview Mode
  • Live Color Technology


    Revitalize old family photos, create classic illustrations, experiment with color schemes and more! With this easy-to-use photo editing software, you can colorize black and white photos without the need for any graphic designer experience! Simply draw colored strokes over an area - the program automatically applies the color to the selected area.

    Photo editing and coloring easier than ever before!

    What does coloration mean?

    Colorization is a photo-editing technique in which black and white images are given natural, realistic colors. The procedure is as follows: First select the colors and then draw single-color strokes over objects in the photo. The program processes the image and automatically applies the selected colors to the underlying areas, taking into account the surface and boundaries.



    Photo editing and coloring easier than ever before!

    • Bring the family history to life with colored photos

    • Refresh historical photos and become part of the "History in Color" movement

    • Experiment with different colour schemes for your car, house or interior design.

    • Design classic images for posters, websites and other decorative purposes.

    Easy colorization of photos:

    Extensive colours are available via the extended colour selection. Simply select the desired palette colors for each channel, enter them manually or paste copied hexadecimal values. 32 color libraries contain the most popular photo objects and materials as well as multi-color gradients and monochrome tones.

    Project Apple

    Whether experienced or amateur photographer - the possibilities for creative coloration are almost unlimited.

    • Add the color of the original scene to black and white photos.

    • Refresh faces, objects and other components in colour photos.

    • Convert color photos into black and white images.

    • Create completely new images by combining black and white and color elements.

    User manual

    You will also benefit from a detailed 50-page user guide that will answer all your coloring questions!

    Only in the Pro version

    Reliable automatic coloration

    Thanks to the latest algorithms, your color selection is applied to the selected objects recognized by their edges and surface.

    In contrast to automatic colouring based on machine learning, here you always retain control over the colours and the overall appearance.

    Instant Preview Mode

    See a real-time preview as you work on the detail.

    The instant preview makes CODIJY unique compared to photo editors and colorization software.

    Live Color Technology

    Get the variety of vivid colors with gradients. Capture vivid gradients from color photos.

    CODIJY was the first to introduce gradients for the natural coloration of faces and landscapes.

    Colorize photos in 3 steps!

    Simple procedure - photorealistic results

    Now anyone can achieve impressive photorealistic results without having to be a graphic designer. The innovative features of Photo Colorization make colorization and photo refreshing a breeze. From start to finish, you will be guided through the process step by step, learn the basics of coloring and color selection and benefit from the user-friendly and efficient interface.

    • Step 1: Select the desired color in a toolbox
      Color selection, color libraries, gradient settings, gradient detection tool and gradient ensure the right choice of colors.

    • Step 2: Quickly draw several strokes over the area to be colored
      The overdrawn area is automatically colored (thanks to intelligent image processing algorithms).

    • Step 3: Refresh the image and apply smart gradients for vibrant, blending colors
      With your newly colored photos you will make an impression everywhere!

    New in version 3.7

    NEW!CODIJY Colorizer Pro offers 100 color libraries

    The new CODIJY offers the real choice of ready-to-use colours. 70 new libraries are added, dramatically expanding your selection of portraits, landscapes, street scenes and more.

    NEW!Libraries now contain colors & gradients

    Gradients are important when you colorize portraits and other objects that are a mixture of colors.

    Ready-made gradients in new libraries help you master multicolored masks and provide quick selection for the most common objects.

    NEW!New exciting topics proposed

    New libraries offer ideas on new topics for colouring.

    • Vintage cars
    • Street life
    • Military
    • Space
    • Solar system
    • Food, fruit & vegetables
    • Wildlife
    • Pets
    IMPROVED!Ergonomics and user-friendliness
    Facilitates color masking
    A series of new links allows you to draw a complete mask without having to release the mouse button.
    • Press space bar Cut off strokes
    • Press and hold the space bar to change the mask mode
    • Press the Esc key to delete the last line

    Add color masks with highest precision
    cursor is displayed the area it covers
    Project explorer
    • Open files from the project explorer

    • Shows the location of the last used files in documents

    • Change the size of the preview of recently used files


    System requirements
    Version 3.7
    Operating system Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
    • 1.5 Ghz processor
    • 5.5 GB hard disk space
    • 1 GB RAM
    • CD/DVD drive
    • Internet connection
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