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Franzis Silkypix Developer Studio Pro 6

Franzis Silkypix Developer Studio Pro 6

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Silkypix Developer Studio Pro 6 The professional tool for perfect photos! With the top... more

Product information "Franzis Silkypix Developer Studio Pro 6"

Silkypix Developer Studio Pro 6

The professional tool for perfect photos! With the top software Silkypix Developer Studio 6 pro you can develop your RAW data into spectacular images.

  • Exposure correction: HDR function
  • Colour tone adjustment via black level
  • Noise reduction: Remove fine noise and moirée effect
  • Portrait optimization
  • For Windows and Mac

Silkypix Developer Studio Pro 6 is a professional RAW converter for perfect development of your digital photos. With the brand new top-of-the-line Silkypix software, you can develop your images into spectacular images and perfect them for presentations, photo books, web galleries, social networking and more.

Great new features - convenient and easy to use for higher image quality

The new version offers improved image quality through innovative noise reduction, a smooth workflow thanks to improved controls and preview modes, and new features for more expressive results. In addition, the overall performance of the software has been significantly improved through various optimizations.

New and improved

  • HDR & Dodge: New controls in the HDR & Dodge areas allow you to optimize light and dark areas independently
  • Automatic level correction: Silkypix automatically detects the histogram of an image and automatically optimises light and dark areas and colour based on this information
  • Red-eye removal: With the red-eye correction brush, red eyes can now be removed very easily
  • Softproofing: The new print simulation is especially useful for fine art prints, matt paper or other special paper
  • Improved user interface: The Silkypix DSP 6 interface offers some new and improved features such as full screen preview
  • Better performance: Silkypix now reacts much faster and delivers the best possible performance thanks to various optimisations
  • Improved noise reduction: Silkypix DSP 6 uses the newly developed noise reduction algorithm "NR5"", which significantly improves the image quality when removing noise


Digital image development in best quality

The Silkypix series of digital image processing software is intuitive to use, but still offers a high level of quality. Silkypix Developer Studio Pro 6, based on accurate colour reproduction and harmony, offers many features to create great images - for example, high quality noise reduction, a High Dynamic Range (HDR) function, fine and free colour control or correction of lens aberrations.

How to work professionally with Silkypix


  1. Correct exposure - Incorrectly exposed images are no problem for Silkypix: you can correct each shot by three f-stops up or down afterwards. Exclusively in Silkypix Developer Studio Pro 6, the Dodge and HDR functions allow you to optimize light or dark areas of the image independently.
  2. Adjust white balance - Is your image really discoloured? Use the automatic function or the highly differentiated parameters to set the perfect white balance.
  3. OptimizeContrast- Use Contrast Enhancement to make dull-looking images crisper. Silkypix provides you with very differentiated setting options for this important function: A gradation curve tool is also available for extremely fine editing.
  4. Adjust colour scheme - If you don't like the way your image looks, Silkypix allows you to adjust individual colour spaces. This allows you to quickly and easily enhance the blue of the sky, make meadows greener or reduce the colour of the background in a portrait.
  5. Improve sharpness - RAW images must always be sharpened for technical reasons. Silkypix offers you sophisticated tools that allow you to control sharpening.
  6. Remove image noise - Digital photographers have to deal with image noise, especially at high ISO values. To combat colour noise, Silkypix offers finely adjustable tools as standard. Noise reduction has been further improved in the current version.
  7. Remove annoying elements - dust, lint or even a bird flying through the image unexpectedly - with the Stamp tool in Silkypix Developer Studio Pro 6 you can easily remove annoying elements.
  8. Correct lens defects - Even the highest quality lenses are not technically perfect. In certain shooting situations this can lead to edge shadows, known as vignetting. A further problem is colour fringes in particularly high-contrast images, the so-called chromatic aberration. In addition, distortion errors sometimes result in an unattractive representation of the subject's proportions. All these problems can be corrected easily and accurately with Silkypix.
  9. Remove falling lines - Especially in architectural photography, falling lines are notorious. With Silkypix's effective tools, you'll be able to fix these errors in no time at all.
  10. Rotate image - Sloping horizon? Of course, you can easily fix such an error with Silkyix. The software provides you with guides for image alignment and automatically crops the rotated image.
  11. Cropping - If you want to optimise your image, Silkypix's powerful cropping tool provides guides and presets for specific aspect ratios.


System requirements

This version will not be further developed. Support for new camera models and new operating systems cannot be guaranteed.

Operating system Windows: 10*/8.1/8/7/Vista 32/64 Bit

Hardware: Intel® Pentium® 4-PC with 1.2 GHz or faster, main memory 2 GB RAM, screen resolution 1,024 x 768 pixels, CD drive


Mac operating system: from OS X 10.7 to 10.14

hardware: Intel Pentium processor (Core 2 Quad or higher recommended), 2 GB RAM, 100 MB free hard disk space

  • For cameras with more than 18MB RAW data, a memory of 8-16 GB is recommended. (zb Canon 5DS, Nikon D810)
  • Internet connection required to activate the software!

*Silkypix does NOT work on tablets with Windows 10

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