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iolo System Mechanic 18 Professional

iolo System Mechanic 18 Professional

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System Mechanic 18 Professional Optimization, maintenance & repair of your PC Fully... more

Product information "iolo System Mechanic 18 Professional"

System Mechanic 18 Professional

  • Optimization, maintenance & repair of your PC
  • Fully automatic elimination of system errors
  • Fixes over 30.000 various PC problems
  • Diagnosed 229 Problem areas
  • +100 New products & improvements
  • PLUS!Data recovery- Recover lost or accidentally deleted files
  • PLUS!Create space on your hard drive by 100% uninstalling your unwanted applications
  • IMPROVEDThe Super Tune-up Definitionen™ detects even more problematic programs

    The award-winning System Mechanic® optimization software has been updated and is now even better: It significantly speeds up your Windows® PC, provides noticeable performance improvements, reliably stabilizes the computer and removes data junk.

    Whether you use System Mechanic as a standalone PC optimization solution or as part of the Phoenix 360 performance and protection suite, it's never been easier to boost PC performance, fix problems, remove annoying bloatware, significantly increase Internet speed, and more.

    Solves the following problems
    The advantages of the Pro Version

    ADDITIONAL! Create space on your hard drive by 100% uninstalling your unwanted applications. System Shield - AntiVirus & AntiSpyware - Internet Security for maximum security against virtual threats

    ADDITIONAL!Drive Scrubber - Data Shredder - Delete data permanently and irrevocably!Remove unwanted programs from your PC.

    ADDITIONAL!Reliably destroy files and photos that you don't want to recover under any circumstances.

    ADDITIONAL!Search & Recover - Data recovery- Recover lost or accidentally deleted files.Recover your accidentally deleted documents, photos and music files.

    ADDITIONAL!Online Backup - Backs up your data online and gives you worldwide access to your data.

    Simple application in only 3 steps

    Start a diagnosis immediately and free of chargeand repair the errors of your PC:

    Other functions


    THE DISK A defragmentation of the hard disk ensures that parts of a file previously "wildly" stored on the disk are stored next to each other where possible. This reduces the mechanical movement required to read from the hard disk - Windows can access and open files faster. This measure increases disk performance, reduces the risk of data destruction and extends the life of drives.


    During Windows installation, the basic configuration is rarely optimized for the requirements of your personal Internet connection. This often leads to the fact that the maximum possible values for upload and download on the Internet are not reached. System Mechanic's NetBooster® technology provides the maximum data transfer rate for your Internet connection, resulting in a faster and more reliable connection.


    Installing and uninstalling new programs fragments the registry and inflates it unnecessarily. A regular defragmentation restructures the registry and helps Windows load the necessary data faster; compressing the registry removes unused space that unnecessarily increases the size of the registry. Both processes work together, accelerating access to programs, improving system performance and freeing up system memory.


    Defragments the system memory, which can lead to a noticeable increase in performance. Defragmenting the system memory can also lead to a higher stability of the whole system, as too little memory is often the reason for a computer freeze and system crashes.

    ENERGY BOOSTER™: Disable unused background programs

    STARTUP OPTIMIZER™: Defragmentation and optimization of the system start

    DUPLICATE FILE INSPECTOR™: Simple search for duplicate files

    SYSTEM CUSTOMIZER™: Customization of over 100 advanced Windows settings

    ADVANCED SYSTEM INFORMATION: Creation of a complete system report

    ACCELEWRITE:File fragmentation and optimization of the organization of your files on your hard drives and SSD card readers.

    DESIGNATED DRIVERS is the only tool of its kind that focuses exclusively on Microsoft-certified and approved drivers (drivers that have undergone two quality assurance test cycles) that can ensure that updates are safe, reliable, and broadly compatible.

    SDD ACCELERATOR increases efficiency, optimizes and extends the life of modern solid-state drives and keeps them always at optimal performance.

    LiveBoost ™ Technology- aligns the central processing unit (CPU), memory and hard disk for better system performance.

    Core Data Recalibrator™ automatically corrects damaged Windows files.

    Stability Guardmonitors your PC for malware and unauthorized changes in system configuration.

    PowerSense™ determines in real time the power consumption of your PC depending on its activities.

    PowerSense™ is supplemented by two modes that ensure PC performance like on the first day:

    • Ultra Performance Mode - Leverages all of your PC's processing power for performance-intensive activities such as games, music, video montages, programming, and more
      Ultra Performance focuses on all cores of the processor during a performance-intensive session and disables all programs that run in the background and are redundant: So the PC tunes its capacities when it becomes necessary.
    • Endurance Mode - Reduces battery power consumption during long periods of notebook use, especially for activities that do not require special performance, such as word processing or web browsing; in Endurance Mode,
      the PC's processor with the lowest performance will operate to reduce power consumption

    Uninstall wizard.A program that searches for unnecessary installation programs and provides the programs for the necessary uninstallation of applications

    Analysis reports:With this tool you will get a synthesis of the most important solutions of System Mechanic. IntelliStatus includes a report on disk space, system memory, performance, Internet parameters, etc.

    Registry Backup - Backup-Allows you to backup and restore the Windows registry: up to 99 backup copies can be archived.

    Privacy shield:More and more Microsoft Windows® users are increasingly concerned about their privacy and the involuntary collection of their personal information by Microsoft. For this reason, we have integrated the new Privacy Shield module into the new version of System Mechanic to complement it.

    Privacy Shield provides the user with a variety of different options for setting the privacy features of Windows in a central location.

    The Privacy Shield Wizard allows you to quickly and easily disable Windows functions that affect your privacy. These include the features that WLAN network connections can share with your contacts and collect information about your surfing habits, program usage, and more.

    In Windows 10, these are the Microsoft Data Collection and Telemetry service, the WiFi Sense service, and the Smart Screen service.

    Innovations from System Mechanic 18

    ImprovedThe software update allows up to 48% more RAM to be released for resource-intensive multitasking processes.

    AcceleratesThe dashboard now starts five times faster than the previous version.

    AcceleratesThe repair removes junk files from Windows and the Internet up to twice as fast as the previous version.

    ImprovedThe Super Tune-up Definitionen™ detects even more problematic programs so that the startup process is optimized and the PC runs fast and safely.

    Super TUDs allow maximum user control during PC optimization thanks to six-level categorization:

    • System - Windows apps and services required for normal operation

    • Necessary - Important apps that do not belong to Windows

    • Unknown - programs whose meaning cannot be determined

    • User choice - your preferred printer drivers, cloud-based backup services or media players

    • Not needed - files that are normally executed to allow quick access. However, they can put a load on the system.

    • Dangerous - Known security risks that should be eliminated

    Plus points

    System requirements
    Version 18
    Operating system Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
    • Intel® Pentium® processor or equivalent
    • 256 MB working memory (RAM)
    • 25 MB hard disk space
    • CD/DVD drive
    • Internet Explorer 6.0 or later
    • Internet connection for free updates and new product releases
    • Note: Compatible with netbooks and minibooks

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