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iolo Your PC runs slower and slower?
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iolo System Mechanic 2021 Professional iolo System Mechanic 2021 Professional
Computers slow down over time. This is normal, but it doesn't have to be accepted! Fight back with System Mechanic:Just one click! Includes more than 50 tools and features in one intuitive interface Makes PCs faster - and more...
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Your PC runs slower and slower? See all dynamometers and system errors in 2 minutes!... more

Product information "iolo Your PC runs slower and slower?"

Your PC runs slower and slower?

See all dynamometers and system errors in 2 minutes!

1. download the trial version of System Mechanic now

2. start the PC check

3. see what slows down your PC in 2 minutes

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over 70 Mio usersMany programs promise to improve PC performance - but only a few can keep their promise. Unlike System Mechanics, almost all other optimization programs offer only standard Windows optimization at the time those programs were developed.

System Mechanics, on the other hand, offers continuous improvement thanks to regular program updates based on the monthly Windows improvements known as patches. Because your PC is not necessarily too old just because it is getting slower and slower! Windows slows down over time - due to undeleted file fragments, registry errors and additional startup items.

System Mechanics reverses this "aging process" and often even makes new PCs faster because they are generally not configured for optimal performance. This software allows you to turn off "dynamometers" and adjust the PC settings for optimal performance. Programs start faster and work faster and more reliably. A suite such as System Mechanic helps you automate the repair and maintenance tasks that become necessary as the life of a PC increases, all with just one click.

This complete solution is worthwhile for anyone who notices that system performance is slowing down and system errors occur frequently, or for those who simply want to maintain system performance - it saves time and increases your productivity. Instead of laboriously carrying out the measures manually from time to time with individual tools, a single click is all it takes to complete all maintenance tasks.

  • Solve PC problems
  • gain storage space
  • Increase speed
  • Recognize security gaps
  • Eliminate data garbage
  • Stabilize system
  • protect privacy

System Mechanics is a safe and efficient all-in-one solution for repairing and optimizing your PC - and your system will run like new again!

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Solves 9 main problems

System Mechanic 10.5 is the only complete solution that addresses all of the 9 major causes of PC performance degradation:

Cause Symptom
1. misalignment of programmes "cumbersome" program execution
2. system memory (RAM) is running low Slowing down of the entire system
3. non-optimized Windows startup Delays during Windows startup
4. superfluous programs Slowing down of the entire system
5. wrong internet settings Slow Internet access
6. error in the registry Inexplicable delays and system crashes
7th "Inflated" Registry Slowing down of the entire system
8. fragmented system files Slowing down of the entire system
9. rampant data garbage Decreasing hard disk speed
Scope of services
  • includes more than 50 tools and functions under one intuitive interface
  • eliminates file garbage and bugs to improve performance and stability
  • optimizes the Internet connection and increases the speed of downloads and surfing on websites
  • solves all kinds of PC problems such as random errors, crashes and reboots
  • fixes problems in the registry: it cleans and defragments the registry & repairs incorrect registry entries
  • removes file garbage and fixes security problems
  • defragments hard disks and system memory and optimizes system settings for better performance
  • performs dozens of optimization steps with a single click
  • improves gaming performance: for full-throttle gaming - the software optimizes your PC for "high-performance" games and gets it up to speed
  • Saves you costly assignments of PC technicians for troubleshooting and PC maintenance: automated maintenance mechanisms keep your system stable and running in the background

System Mechanic consists of the following eight individual modules, which you can of course also control individually:

A defragmentation of the hard disk ensures that parts of a file previously "chaotically" stored on the disk are stored next to each other wherever possible. This reduces the mechanical movement required to read from the hard disk - Windows can access and open files faster. This measure increases disk performance, reduces the risk of data destruction and also extends the life of drives.

Numerous programs and services are opened when Windows starts up. While some of these programs are critical to the functioning of Windows, over time many other programs - often useless - are added that simply delay the startup process. Removing these less useful programs from the startup process is one of the most effective ways to speed up a PC. As a result, the PC starts up faster and - since fewer programs have to be loaded into the system memory - it also works more effectively and faster.

NetBooster: OPTIMIZE
During the Windows installation the basic configuration is rarely optimized for the requirements of your personal Internet connection. This often leads to the fact that the maximum possible values for upload and download on the Internet are not reached. System Mechanic's NetBooster technology maximizes the data transfer rate of your Internet connection, resulting in a faster and more reliable connection.

The installation and uninstallation of new programs leads to a fragmentation of the registry and inflates it unnecessarily. A regular defragmentation restructures the registry and helps Windows load the necessary data faster; compressing the registry removes unused space that unnecessarily increases the size of the registry. Both processes work together, accelerating access to programs, improving system performance and freeing up system memory.

Defragments the system memory, which can lead to a noticeable increase in performance. Defragmenting the system memory can also lead to a higher stability of the whole system, as too little memory is often the reason for a computer freeze and system crashes.

Releases system memory and CPU resources to provide more performance for Windows. EnergyBooster uses iolo Labs tune-up definitions and custom profiles to identify background programs and services that can be safely temporarily disabled. A program switched off by EnergyBooster can of course be restarted by the user at any time.

PC Health Status Gadget:
A Sidebar mini-application for Windows 7 and Vista that provides real-time reports on the functioning, security and general health of the system. Includes a list of recent repairs and optimizations and provides quick access to frequently used tools such as Memory Mechanic and the new EnergyBooster

Tune-Up Definitions:
The tuning suite "System Mechanic" differs from the solutions of other manufacturers mainly by the signature-controlled optimizations. Just like an antivirus program, the researchers and engineers of "iolo Labs" regularly release new tuning options that are integrated into iolo System Mechanic via an online update routine. This makes System Mechanic the only program that offers its users the function of a real-time update.

Windows version (PC)

System Mechanic is available as a Windows version:

Operating system: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista/XP x64/Server 2003 x64/Vista x64/Windows 7
File size: 0.83

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