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Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard, 1 Device CAL

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Device CAL for access to Exchange Server 2019 Standard Microsoft Exchange is Microsoft's... more

Product information "Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard, 1 Device CAL"

Device CAL for access to Exchange Server 2019 Standard

Microsoft Exchange is Microsoft's high-performance and reliable mail and groupware server. In addition to the actual server license, which is required to operate the Exchange server, you need so-called Client Access Licenses. Microsoft's licensing model provides that these CALs can be purchased either for each device (Device CAL) or each user (User CAL) that will access the server. Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard Device CAL can be purchased at blitzhandel24 at best conditions. This means competent advice, excellent prices and above all the fastest possible delivery of the license keys by mail or post.

How Microsoft Exchange licensing works

The licensing of Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 is comparatively complex. In addition to the license for operating the actual server application, you need the so-called Client Access Licenses (CAL). These allow access to the exchange server from a client computer in the first place. There is a choice between the device-bound Device CAL and the user-bound User CAL. The decision as to which Exchange Server CAL you should purchase is entirely up to you. Both variants have advantages and disadvantages, so that in many cases a mixed operation makes sense.

The Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard Device CAL

Buying a device-bound Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 CAL allows your employees to access Exchange from exactly one computer. It does not matter whether a single colleague accesses your mails, calendar entries and address books from this device or whether 30 users alternately use the client computer. Thus, the Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard Device CAL can be an economically viable alternative to User CAL. Please note, however, that the assignment to a device must be unique. Accordingly, only one user at a time can really access the server via a single Device CAL. Buying too few device-bound Exchange Server CALs can therefore lead to bottlenecks. Therefore, before deciding on a particular licensing model, it's a good idea to carefully analyze how your employees are likely to access the Exchange server.

You are still undecided whether Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard Device CAL is the most sensible option for you and are thinking about purchasing User CAL instead? Our competent and friendly staff will be happy to advise you on all your questions regarding the purchase of Microsoft Exchange and the associated Client Access licenses. Just give us a call, write an e-mail or use our webchat directly here on the site.

What is a Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard Device CAL?

In order to use a Microsoft Exchange server sensibly, you need so-called Client Access Licenses (CAL). These allow your employees to access the server. CALs are available in two variants. User and Device CAL. With a Device CAL, any number of users may access the server from exactly one PC. In contrast, User CAL always allows exactly one user to access the system from any number of devices. A mixed use of the different CAL types is possible.

Who should consider purchasing Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard Device CAL?

The Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard Device CAL is useful for all companies that already operate an Exchange server or plan to set up one. The use of the Device CAL is (compared to the User CAL) economically useful especially if your employees work from fixed workstations or if there are fewer monitor workstations than users.

Why should you buy Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 CAL?

The Microsoft licensing model for many server applications requires Client Access licenses to be purchased. Microsoft Exchange belongs to these server systems. Therefore a reasonable use of the server without CAL is not possible. Compared to User CAL, Device CAL usually proves to be the more flexible solution when different users share a workstation. This may be the case, for example, if you have many part-time employees or if working on the computer is not the core of your company's work.

Exchange requires a CAL for each user or device accessing the server software. There are two CAL variants here :

  • Standard CAL: Enables any user to work productively across virtually any platform, browser and mobile device.
  • Enterprise CAL: Provides additional functionality to help organizations reduce costs and meet compliance requirements, such as archiving and information protection capabilities or unified messaging integration.

The Enterprise CAL is an add-on to the standard CAL and extends it with specific functionalities. To activate the Enterprise CAL functions, a Standard CAL plus an Enterprise CAL must be licensed for each user.

You can assign these access licenses either to a device (Device CAL) or to a user (User CAL). Access licenses are version-specific, which means that the CAL version must be identical to or higher than the server version.

Device CAL: A device CAL licenses a device for use by a user to access instances of the server software.

User CAL: A user CAL authorizes a specific user to use a device to access the server software.

Scope of delivery:

  • Original product key for online activation of Exchange Server Standard 2019, 1 Device CAL
  • Verified Highspeed Downloadlink to get the software fast & secure.
  • Invoice in your name incl. VAT.
  • Instructions for easy installation.

Note: This offer does not include a product key sticker (COA label) This offer is aimed at private individuals as well as companies, business customers, authorities, organisations, schools, communities and churches.

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