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OneSafe Safe Passwords

OneSafe Safe Passwords

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OneSafe Safe Passwords Securely capture, store and manage all passwords Only one... more

Product information "OneSafe Safe Passwords"

OneSafe Safe Passwords

Securely capture, store and manage all passwords

  • Only one password to remember
  • Passwords and logon files are securely stored in an encrypted file
  • Automatically capture and save passwords
  • Generate and use a strong password
  • Wallet for safe storage of credit card data
  • Access to passwords from smartphone, tablet or computer

Are you also tired of having to remember so many different passwords?

With Safe Passwords, you can manage all passwords and IDs in one secure, encrypted account. You no longer need to remember all the different passwords, from now on you only remember the master password. Safe Passwords does the rest.

With Safe Passwords you will never forget a password again!


A secure encrypted account

Safe Passwords keeps your passwords safe and makes your life easier. It is no longer necessary to remember dozens of different passwords. With Safe Passwords, you collect and manage all passwords and IDs in a more secure, encrypted account.

Automatically capture and save passwords

Safe Passwords automatically captures the passwords and user IDs associated with websites you visit. The next time you visit the website, you will be automatically logged in. You can even access the websites directly from Safe Passwords.


Maximum security

Safe Passwords stores your passwords and IDs in a secure encrypted file protected by a master password known only to you. Safe Passwords uses the strongest encryption standard AES-256 bit and secures the master password with PBKDF2. In a Safe Passwords account your passwords are safe.


Generate and use a strong password

If you no longer need to remember your passwords, you are less tempted to use the same password for all websites. Safe Passwords contains a password generator that creates strong, long and secure passwords. You can specify whether it should contain letters, symbols and numbers and how long it is.

Easy management of all passwords

You can add any number of passwords to Safe Passwords and edit or manage them there. Passwords can be sorted alphabetically, by most common usage, last usage, or creation date.


1. how secure is Safe Passwords?

You create a Safe Passwords account and visit your favorite websites. When you log in to any account for the first time, Safe Passwords offers to store the password and login information. The next time you visit the website you will be automatically logged in. So you don't have to remember all the different passwords and user IDs.


2. access to passwords from smartphone, tablet or computer

Safe Passwords works with browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and IE, as well as on Apple tablets and smartphones or with Android. This means you can access your passwords from your computer, smartphone or tablet. Changes to your account are automatically synced so you always have access to the most current password collection from any device.

3. wallet for safe storage of credit card data

Safe Passwords includes a wallet feature that allows you to securely store your credit card information. The next time you shop online, Safe Passwords will offer to automatically fill in the credit card fields. You can choose yourself which of the deposited credit cards should be used. Entering your credit card number automatically is a safe way to shop online because you don't have to worry about intercepting keystrokes. Your credit card information is kept in the same encrypted file as your passwords.

4. share passwords securely with colleagues and friends

Sharing passwords via email, SMS or chats is very insecure. With the Safe Passwords sharing feature, you can securely share encrypted passwords. The recipient cannot edit the shared password, and you decide whether he or she can see it or just use it to log in, leaving the password itself invisible.


5. two-level authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an additional layer of security that requires not only a password and username to log in to your account, but also a unique security code. Safe Passwords 2FA can send codes via SMS or phone calls. Alternatively, the codes can also be generated with Google Authenticator. When you activate 2FA for your account, you can predefine that a device will be detected for 30 days so that you don't have to enter the 2FA code every time you log in.


6. import passwords stored in other programs

Passwords stored in other password management programs or in Excel files can be exported to a CSV format file and then imported into Safe Passwords. Safe Passwords includes filters for import from Dashlane, Lastpass, Roboform, 1Password, KeePass, Password Wallet or from user-defined CSV files.


7. works with common browsers

Safe Passwords works with popular browsers like Chrome, FireFox and IE.

How is Safe Passwords used?


In 3 steps you are at your destination!

System requirements
Operating system Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

  • Web : compatible with Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge is not compatible
  • Tablets, Mobile : compatible with IOS and Androïd
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How do our prices come about ?

The basic principle of software trading is the art of omission.

  • through quantity bundling
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  • Direct imports
  • long term relationship with distributors.
  • low profit margin, the main priority of Blitzhandel24 is the value as well as the growth of the customer base.
  • Centralized and lean management.
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  • Elimination of high marketing investments, as we are able to target the needs of our customers and thus safely realize the concept of ''advertising through references''

Is the quality worse because of this?

We promise our customers excellent quality at the lowest price. The price of the product does not influence the quality in any way. Our customers receive tested verified products. In addition, at Blitzhandel24 you have a protection of up to 20.000€ through Trusted Shops as well as a legally safe store, through the EHI test seal.

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